Friday, June 26, 2009

Slide Out Shelves

One of the greatest ideas EVER!!! How many times have you had to almost completely unload your cabinet to get at the big pot in the back? By installing a couple of strategically located sliding shelves you can solve tough access problems forever.

A sliding shelf is basically a drawer without sides or a front. When shopping for sliding shelves the biggest concern you should have is the quality of the slides themselves. The slides need to be made from quality materials designed to carry the weight of whatever you store in your cabinets.

Be careful though, I installed a couple and loved 'em so much now most of my shelves slide. I wish I had known about how great they were when my cabinets were built to begin with.

Jr. Designer
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Don't Throw 'em Away

When remodeling your kitchen or bath the temptation is to rent a dumpster then smash and dash with the old cabinets. While this approach will save some time, it may not be the best idea for a number of reasons:
    1)Check your area for building supply recyclers, many will come out and not only buy your old cabinets from you but remove them as well.

    2) In some areas there are also charities such as "Habitat For Humanity" that will take old cabinets and put them to good use.

    3) Check into whether or not your old cabinets will qualify as a tax right off for charitable donations.

    4) You might also be able to sell your old cabinets online using something like "Craigslist".

    5) Old kitchen cabinets installed in your garage can help organize and make room for your car.

    6) Even if you can't turn your old cabinets into cash, reducing the overall cost of your remodel, re-using or otherwise recycling your old cabinets helps reduce ones carbon footprint.

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Cheapest Kitchen Re-Do

The cheapest way to revamp your kitchen on your own is by painting the existing cabinets. Saving money is important but you also have to live with the end result of your efforts. Do not compromise on the quality of your paint or supplies. With the proper planning it is possible to paint your own cabinets.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Removing Cabinets

Some cabinet remodel projects might require removing all or some of your cabinets. In most instances your cabinets will be installed with screws of varying lengths. To uninstall the cabinets usually is just a matter of removing the screws. Typically you will find the cabinets screwed to the walls, floor and also to each other. The screw heads are also usually hidden with plugs, filler, or paint. Your cabinets may also be glued to the wall. If they are glued removing the cabinets without damage becomes much more difficult. Take your time and don't "force" anything.

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Installing cabinets on a concrete wall

Installing cabinets on concrete or block walls is a real challenge. There are many different anchors available for this type of installation. That creates the problem! Unless you are familiar with concrete and block you have no way of knowing which anchoring system is appropriate. Concrete installations are best left to a professional.

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