Thursday, May 28, 2009

Removing Cabinets

Some cabinet remodel projects might require removing all or some of your cabinets. In most instances your cabinets will be installed with screws of varying lengths. To uninstall the cabinets usually is just a matter of removing the screws. Typically you will find the cabinets screwed to the walls, floor and also to each other. The screw heads are also usually hidden with plugs, filler, or paint. Your cabinets may also be glued to the wall. If they are glued removing the cabinets without damage becomes much more difficult. Take your time and don't "force" anything.

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Installing cabinets on a concrete wall

Installing cabinets on concrete or block walls is a real challenge. There are many different anchors available for this type of installation. That creates the problem! Unless you are familiar with concrete and block you have no way of knowing which anchoring system is appropriate. Concrete installations are best left to a professional.

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How much does cabinet installation cost?

In todays economy it's a buyers market. The cost of cabinet installation has never been more competitive. Get bids from multiple contractors.

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How high are upper cabinets installed?

There are usually two stock size upper cabinets you can purchase. So it is really a matter of taste. With the shorter uppers you will have a space above your cabinets that many people like for displaying plants and knick-knacks. Adding a crown molding to the uppers makes a beautiful cabinet as well. Longer uppers can be installed right at the ceiling. Taller upper cabinets have a dramatic apperance as well as more storage space.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chinese made cabinets

Cabinets Mass produced in China. Are they worth the investment? What Kind of Quality can you expect?

As with most things "you get what you pay for". The biggest problem with imported cabinets is replacement parts and warranty issues. Another area of concern would be the materials used in the manufacture of the cabinets. Not all countries meet the safety standards of the United States. There are many domestic manufacturers of cabinets at very good prices.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So...You Wanna Do-It-yourself?

Makes sense in today's economic times to D-I-Y (do-it-yourself). There is also the satisfaction of standing back after you are done with a project and saying "I DID THAT" as you pat yourself proudly on the back.

That said... there are also times to "throw in the towel" and hire a professional. A perfect example might be replacing your kitchen cabinets. I have read time and time again about a home improvement project that takes on a life of its own and ends up costing a ton of money more than it should not to mention time and heartache.

This is the place to share your tips and comments on when to admit defeat in the land of "honey-do". Please comment liberally and often. Help all of us avoid the pit-falls that keep the home improvement store parking lot jammed on Saturday.

D-I-Y Admin (Dusty)